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Challenge Management

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Strengthen the dynamic presence of your brand at the point of sale.

Develop the commercial habits of pharmacy staff around your ranges.

Use a challenge tool compliant with legislation.

Use a challenge tool that integrates the complete processing chain up to the logistics of distributing gift vouchers and rewards.

Better understand the involvement of each member of the pharmacy teams.

Leverage the integration of the challenge tool within all CRM functionalities: impact of challenge operations on sales, on the sector, and on other consulting and merchandising operations.


  • In back-office, development of challenge models (validity period, products involved, minimum sales objectives, definition of rewards), management of gifts and rewards, setting of reward limits according to regulations.

  • Closing of operations: integration of achievements, regulated distribution of rewards between products and gift vouchers, enrichment of a file of beneficiary individuals in compliance with the anti-gift law and personal data protection.

  • Validation of operations and rewards by the manager in case of anticipated exceedances.

  • Integration of an automatic flow towards a reward management service provider.

  • Monitoring of challenge operations globally, by status, by client.

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List of Challenges
List of Challenges