Boost your sales performance thanks to Gamification

We are talking more and more about gamification, but what is behind this term? You will find in this article the key answers to understand ...

The gamification of commercial promotion

A real marketing strategy, gamification, consists of using gaming mechanisms in business through a system of reward and gratitude. Based on the ranking, this practice appeals to the spirit of challenge and increases productivity tenfold. In sales, it is a great performance incentive tool for employees.
Through incentives, quizzes, competitions, and awarding points, participants are encouraged to develop their skills and challenged to compete, individually or as a team. Both stimulating and rewarding, gamification promotes collaboration and creates interactions with high added value while increasing participants' commitment.

By transposing these mechanisms to healthcare, the stakes are different. The aim is not to build customer loyalty but to respond to a health issue by strengthening patient commitment. All this while guaranteeing the most transparent possible traceability.

Training programs dedicated to healthcare professionals 

Because it targets measurable and quantified environments, gamification creates new levers for growth and applies to many areas. Gamification is playing a growing role in communication campaigns but also learning and efficiency.

For pharmacy staff, gamification enables them to respond to medical training issues, acquire new ideas, complete their knowledge of products, and learn. All that, using fun and interactive media for better memorization. Through incentive programs, pharmacy teams can better understand the sales pitch and thus provide more relevant advice.

By developing their expertise through "serious games" or collaborative and interactive games, we enhanced employees' interest and participation. In the pharmaceutical market, very few CRM vendors offer gamification features.

Through data analysis and conversion metrics, specialized gamification also enables the implementation of customer-specific loyalty programs. These could be promotional games, informative and qualitative programs, or personalized customer journeys. Ultimately, these programs encourage brand promotion and adoption and help create a community of users. It is crucial to keep in mind that promotional elements are part of the "anti-gift" law. Initially, this law only covered prescription drugs, but practices and trends are increasingly extending to other types of health and wellness products. 


An efficient technique to motivate pharmacy teams

Within the company, gamification creates a virtuous circle and contributes to building a strong and positive corporate culture. With its focus on employees, gamification brings a rewarding and fun dimension to the workplace and a unifying, stimulating, and results-generating dimension.

The reward motivates. The challenge guarantees the appropriation of the sales speeches and the effectiveness of the arguments. The idea of a small competitive spirit in a pharmacy team can increase knowledge and adhesion to the brand.

By providing real time data, gamification makes it possible to define easily achievable objectives to strengthen knowhow while guaranteeing an overachievement, a progression that is motivating for all. Challenges call for other challenges to further exceed objectives.


The gamification of commercial activities multiplies the forms of field animation tenfold. Thus, the challenge becomes an additional lever for sales teams. It allows the brand to maintain a permanent presence in the pharmacy. The challenge, used in a relevant way (between point-of-sale animations, training actions, and merchandising operations), will help develop original visit strategies designed to increase product competence and interest in the brand. Therefore a CRM solution must provide the sales representative with the means to plan, monitor, and measure these actions, point-of-sale by point-of-sale. The perfect integration of a complete gamification solution is a real advantage in a CRM solution where the means of animation and motivation count as much as the sell-in process.

Why choose OpenPharma?

OpenPharma uses its expertise to present a specialized “challenge” module dedicated to customer relationship management. The program gamifies the sales process and marketing operations in a targeted manner. Intuitive and scalable, it optimizes the animators' actions on their territory, improves market knowledge thanks to the information collected, and facilitates the management of challenges at the point of sale.

The results are visible and rewarded to highlight the achievement of the objective. This module provides quality support and integrates with dematerialized gift voucher platforms such as glady.

Facilitating operations, optimizing rewards processes, motivating pharmacy staff to promote products, and encouraging sales teams to innovate in sales operations are the characteristics of the “Challenge” module provided by OpenPharma while allowing pharmaceutical companies to monitor the “Gift activity” in compliance with the law.