Customer relationship trades

Merchandising and sales promotion

Looking to

Control assortment compliance by a point of sale

Monitor the enhancement of promotions, POS material and aisle end displays

Audit the presence of competitors

Track product shelf share changes

Easily collect profiling information

Measure the effectiveness of sales actions according to POS profiles


  • A visit scenario split in a stepped approach
  • Price audit
  • Assortment control
  • Alerts on missing or out of stock products
  • Enter facings and automatic share of shelf calculation
  • Control the presence of competition
  • Taking pictures and tagging
  • Detailed surveys to profile customer
  • Possible interconnection with a photo recognition system allowing automatic product recognition and shelf audits
In pictures
Report with photos of the point of sale
Report with photos of the point of sale
Carousel of registered and qualified photos
Photo tag
Photo tag
Entering the presence in linear
Entering the presence in linear
Automatic calculation of product linear