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Customer relationship trades

Key account management (KAM)

Looking to

Accurately monitor key account operations

Conduct a managed contract approach

Manage an end-to-end digital contract creation process

Automatically apply market conditions to all POS members

Allow your sales forces to easily track the progress of contract completion

  • Contract management with immediate or deferred discount
  • Management of any kind of objective: one or more thresholds in quantity or in value, product displauys,   assortment compliance, ...
  • Automatic filling of your PDF form based on customer information and data entry
  • Digital signature on tablet
  • Contract by email to the customer
  • Contracts monitoring with Achievement/Objectives and access to digital contract
  • Trade conditions specific to groups and store brands
In pictures
Key account management (KAM)
Customer's contracts follow-up
Key account management (KAM)
Entering contract terms into a report
Key account management (KAM)
Signature of the contract according to the terms